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  • Know your time

    Know your time

    K​now about ​the ​current position of your planets and what in store for you for the next ​1 or 2 years​

    This is a brief general interpretation of time according to the planetary positions. This general report will checks  important issues like Career & Finance, ...

  • Job & Career

    Job & Career

    It is the foremost wish and desire of every person to have a successful career as soon as finishing his or her studies. If you are looking for a new job or experiencing slump in your career or uncertain and insecure with a job or want a job change or waiting for a promotion or trying to go abroad; t...

  • Marriage (Vivaham)

    Marriage (Vivaham)

    Wanted to get married or delay in Marriage? One of the most common problem faced in marriage is actually “not being able to find the right match” and getting delayed for marriage. Sometimes the marriage of a person is unduly delayed without any obvious reasons. A horoscope can very well ...

  • Trouble in Marriedlife

    Trouble in Marriedlife

    Are you leading a happy, peaceful and satisfied Married life? Love, relationship and marriage problems can create stress and turmoil that drive the two of you apart and threaten to destroy your relationship. Hurt, Anger and resentment will further deepen the issue. You should know how it happens. Se...

  • Ask a Question

    Ask a Question

    Life if full of uncertainty! Is there any question scratching your mind always? Share your problems with our Astrologers and get a precise reply with forecasts, guidance and remedial solutions. Get answer to an important question of your life through Astrology. Question is limited in this session an...

  • Vivaha porutham

    Vivaha porutham

    Today Horoscope matching has become the indispensable part of Hindu marriage. In today’s globalised world late marriages, love marriages, inter-cast or even inter-race marriages are common. Talking only about horoscope match doesn’t sound practical but it can give you some insight about ...

  • Education


    Education is the base of life. Education helps a person and offers him/her ample opportunities to confer shape to his/her life. With the advancement of technology, abundant fields have come up and the students are generally found confused when asked to select the stream of their choice. Astrological...

  • Business


    Do you worry about your business? Are you experiencing slump in business? How to overcome from setbacks? What is the future of your business? OR when should I start the new venture?, will I be successful in business? What is the right time to start a business? We could help you to get correct and ri...

  • Muhurtham


    Muhoortham is an auspicious time of a day, that is sought out before an event of great importance like Marriage, Wedding Engagement, Choroonu (first rice giving ceremony), Griha Pravesham(House Warming), Starting a new Business, laying Foundation stone for House/Building and so on. Muhoortham in a d...

  • Health Issues

    Health Issues

    Our health is our greatest wealth. We often forget this factor and drive our body without rest and recuperation for many days. When we start living for work, career related responsibilities mostly manifest in a very negative way, causing stress and resulting in loss of productivity and impetus. Heal...

  • Birth Chart

    Birth Chart

    A Grahanila/Jathakam (horoscope) is an astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at the time of an event, such as the moment of a person's birth. Horoscope is the best way to know what your stars foretell. One s...

  • Obstacles in life

    Obstacles in life

    Everyone loves trouble free life and life with no obstacles. But when time is not good, one has to suffer from troublesome life. One looks for remedies and methods to get rid of troubles only when he/she faces hurdles for each and everything, un-luck, un-success, disappointment, negative thoughts et...

  • Child


    The pain of ​​childlessness is devastating​.
    Children are a blessing to the family. Birth of children comes naturally but due to various reasons many couples are unable to have children which leaves them disappointed. We know it is all about biological but beyond that, this phenomenon i...

  • Find a Suitable Yanthram

    Find a Suitable Yanthram

    A Yanthram is helpful in every field of your life, to attain success in your profession, to acquire wealth, peace, good luck, getting rid of tensions, to win in court cases, to ward off diseases and to progress in meditation. By having a yanthram and keeping it in a sacred place in your house, worsh...

  • Full Jathakam ( book format )

    Full Jathakam ( book format )

    If you want to know about your future we offers you the complete Jathakam (lifetime predictions) on the basis of your Grahanila made out of your birth date, time and place of birth.

    Will provide you insights into all the facets of your Life events with accurate timing of its happening...

Professional happiness forms an imperative base of your life, which helps in adding stability to your life. Pandith Krishna Guruji can research deeply into your birth charts and dole out the useful information that helps you comprehend the best education and career

Do you feel you've been deprived of marital bliss for quite some time now? If yes, Pandith Krishna Guruji can help you take up the most important decision of your life that would help you evade regret and other problems

Love takes you through tumultuous paths where you tend to develop inclinations of different types. The company of a strong and competent partner can easily help you sail through the various vicissitudes of life.

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Durga Maa Prayers (Puja)

Let the divine and pious presence of Goddess Durga enter your homes and help in enhancing prosperity of your homes. Pandith Krishna Guruji specialises in extending..

Kali Matha Prayers (Puja)

Do you feel uncomfortable in your own homes? Do you hear noises or feel bad energies in your home? If yes, Pandith Krishna Guruji can help you get rid of all your..

Jai Hanuman Prayers(Puja)

Krishna Guruji has a knack for identifying any suspicious problem or issue that ruins your mental peace and makes you uncomfortable. He can help in conducting..

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